NOTE: The following article reflects an investigation carried out in an environment usingistio 1.7.4 running on top of GKE withk8s version 1.17

The need for custom istio access logs

In Workable we use GKE as our core infrastructure and we handle incoming requests via:

a) CloudFlare to proxy most of our services
b) CloudDNS creating the DNS entries for our Load Balancers on top of k8s
c) istio as our service mesh that creates the ingress endpoint for the traffic incoming to our k8s clusters via the istio-ingressgateway

During some investigation processes we had to carry out recently, we needed to trace / correlate the requests incoming…

Having a good test suite is important for any software artifact. The same is true for cli tools, especially if these are meant to be used by devops/sre teams in the context of handling critical infrastructure.

In Workable, we have recently started to consolidate all of our previously dispersed tools under an umbrella utility written in go. …

Pantelis Karamolegkos

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