• Maria Karanasou

    Maria Karanasou

    A mom and a Software Engineer who loves to learn new things & all about ML & Big Data. Buy me a coffee to help me keep going buymeacoffee.com/mkaranasou

  • 钟华


  • dxinid


  • Jose Maria Hidalgo Garcia

    Jose Maria Hidalgo Garcia

    Disfruto creando software e infraestructura Cloud. Asegurando que la definición de los recursos, su configuración esté versionado y poder así automatizar todo

  • Quan Hoang

    Quan Hoang

  • Kiarash Irandoust

    Kiarash Irandoust

    https://itnext.io/ Common commuter between the realms of sanity and insanity, reasoning and emotions, reality and fantasy.

  • Yogic.Elements — David Rah

    Yogic.Elements — David Rah

    Author. Dreamer. Yogi. Life Enthusiast, Truthseeker. Feeling deep, striving for worldpeace & inner balance!

  • Michael-Erlint Mouchametai

    Michael-Erlint Mouchametai

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